We believe in giving back—and we do so in a number of ways.

At Stewart Painting, a family-owned business, we have a history of social responsibility. We take great pride in the support of charitable organizations in the communities where we work and live.

This is the reason we donate 2% of our net profit annually to causes dedicated to helping at-risk kids lead creative and more productive lives.

For us, charitable giving goes beyond writing a check.

Collectively, contributions from Stewart Painting—as well as employee contributions and those from our clients—total over $25,000 annually.

But more than that, members of our team volunteered more than 2,000 hours of their personal time to help out: mentoring the kids, taking them on field trips, teaching them sports and teammanship, assisting them do their homework.

Here are some examples of the events and activities Stewart Painting has worked on to help the kids and their families.

  • “I learned not to do drugs and not to get into gangs, and that my little brother is someone to take care of, not someone to kick and hurt.”

    — Jamie

  • “I learned not to go in gangs, not to do drugs, and to make good choices. I learned to take care of myself, to not cheat on tests, and to respect each other.”

    — Maria

  • “I learned to be good in school and to do my best in staying out of gangs and not doing drugs, because you will regret it later on in life.”

    — Vicente

Youth Learn How to Make Good Choices

In order to help kids make good choices in life, we believe they need factual information and basic guidelines for achieving happiness and success. In our "How To Make Good Choices" workshops, we bring the kids together with their peers as well as community leaders, and encourage them to apply these principles. You can see the difference it makes.

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