Paint product selection is a key ingredient in the painting of any bedroom, as this is where you sleep and do not want any off gassing of toxic fumes as a result of the painting process. Benjamin Moore and many of the major manufacturers have made significant advances in Green Paint Products that deliver excellent appearance and workability and do not affect the cost structure of performing the work.

Custom color on walls, soffit and ceiling.Sprayed low VOC enamel trim with faux finished walls.Slight color wash on wood work with  a specialty color on walls.Reclaimed timbers from Italy were cleaned, oiled and hand-waxed.
Multiple layers of dye stain and glazes done to produce a deep rich consistent color.New white oak paneled walls distressed and finished to match reclaimed ceiling timbers.A light taupe, tinted to work with the furnishings.Reclaimed timbers from Italy were cleaned, oiled and hand-waxed.
Hand-brushed low VOC acrylic enamel finish in a crisp clean white.Tuscan yellow plaster walls with cleaned and oiled reclaimed timbers.