At Stewart Painting, we provide a wide variety of exterior paint and stain solutions. Exterior wood finishing surfaces such as tropical hardwoods, mahogany doors and windows, and cedar siding require the use and selection of the proper products to fit the wood species and situation. This can vary from a wood front door that has to be sprayed with multiple coats of an acrylic catalyzed finish, to hand wire brushed cedar siding that is finished with a penetrating oil for a more natural appearance.

Painted woodwork with penetrating epoxy sealer as the first step to penetrate and seal out moisture.Penetrating sealer on cedar.Traditional painted white woodwork contrasted with stained shingles.Solid body stain against natural plaster finish.
Semi-solid oil base stain on cedar and redwood.Stained mahogany with Sikkens® translucent finish to provide UV protection while enhancing the natural wood appearance.Conventional white woodwork against integral color coat plaster.Stained mahogany windows with oil base varnish clear coat system.
Shingles pre-stained before installation with painted white woodwork.Winery with mahogany windows and plaster finish.Primed and painted plaster.Mahogany siding, doors and windows with exterior Sikkens® wood stain and finish.
Painted windows with epoxy base coat.Semi-solid oil base stain on fir, cedar and redwood to blend the different types of wood.Deep green painted custom windows.Natural finished teak adjacent to stained redwood siding.
Painted mahogany windows with penetrating epoxy sealer on all sides and edges followed with a four-coat paint system for extended durability and coating integrity.