Living Rooms

Living rooms come in many colors and shapes and tend to be formal spaces. In today's homes, the "Great Room" or family room is where people live—whereas the living room is more of an adult space that should be painted and finished to bear this in mind.

Traditional oil base satin enamel.Deep stained mahogany millwork with a three coat lacquer finish.Distress, stained and oil on reclaimed fir beams.Hickory-pecan decking with white oak beams. Bleached and layered with dye stains and glazes to blend the various colors into a natural tone.
Stained and finished white oak arch to blend with bleached walnut floor.Stained and finished alder shutters to work with mahogany millwork.Faux finished walls to blend with natural stone fireplace surround.Oiled and finished African hardwoods.
Reclaimed fir beams with a multi-step tinted oil finished with multiple layers of hand-rubbed wax.The homeowner had a specific blue in mind that we worked diligently to create, which contrasted with a crisp cool white.
Faux finished soffit contrasted against a creamy off white.Custom color on walls in a rich mauve contrasted with white trim.Painted white wood work contrasted with faux finish on walls and ceiling.Paneled walls are finished with a delicate butter colored striae. Trim work also has a very slight aged patina done in a striae.
Custom tinted wall color.Multiple layers of color were applied to obtain this deep rich color on Sapele.Sand blasted fir beams with slight white wash against plaster walls.Custom colors on walls and ceiling.